Bestekar 4.X

Predictive Maintenance, Artificial Intelligence, Tailor-Made Algorithms, Embedded Software

Meet Bestekar 4.X, the all-in-one Predictive Maintenance Platform

Bestekar 4.X is an easy-to-use IIoT platform for industrial maintenance teams that combines Operational Technology with Information Technology. The sensor data generated in production plants can be easily read and processed – serving as a basis for sustainable business decisions. Predicto gives you insights into the condition of your assets such as motors, pumps, conveyors and pipes. We cover every aspect of predictive maintenance, from data generation to forecasting.

What needs does Bestekar 4.X fulfill?

With our algorithms you exploit the full potential of your data.


Reduce Asset Downtime

Our customers reduce their unplanned factory downtimes by more than 50% with real-time KPI's and fault predictions based on Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning.


Increase Sustainability

Our customers increase their asset lifespan and optimize their energy consumption with increased OEE, which leads to more sustainable factory conditions.


Decrease Maintenance Cost

Our customers reduce maintenance costs and increase factory yield by detecting and preventing production line failures in advance with optimized operational processes.

Powerful features

No Need For Historical Data

Our solution does not require time-consuming historical data collection to begin with. Bestekar 4.X generates data from your assets and displays it in real-time to give you performance insights and failure predictions – starting from day one.

Instant Results From Day One

Set up Bestekar 4.X and start monitoring your assets immediately. In as little as 5 days, Bestekar 4.X is ready to provide you with key performance indicators (KPIs), and only after 14 days, Bestekar 4.X is ready to provide you with forecasts.

Smart Factory In One Solution

We cover every aspect of your production line with a single, upgradable software solution – from data collection to analytics and forecasting. Upon your wish, we can provide additional tailor-made software extensions by our experienced Data Scientists.

Designed For Any Environment

Our NumBox Sensor Array sensor is specially designed to withstand rare environmental conditions with IP67 capabilities. Thanks to its embedded artificial intelligence, it enables seamless data collection and transmission even in rare areas without internet connection.

High Asset Compatibility








AI-driven Fault Detection & Prediction – Predictive Maintenance in three simple steps.

Automated Event Labeling

Increase value with ML-based automated labeling.
Bestekar 4.X automatically labels recurring events in the factory by using machine learning to identify and analyze patterns. As data streams grow, Predicto becomes even smarter and adds even greater value than the day before.

Real-time Insights

Decide right on-time based on data-driven insights.
Never miss the optimal time for maintenance. Get the most out of your equipment by repairing damaged parts or replacing them when they need to be replaced. Don’t shorten the life of your equipment – use Predicto to determine the right maintenance period.

High Compatibility

Monitor almost any asset type.
Thanks to the five different sensors on the intelligence NumBox Sensor Array every bit of generated data is transferred to Bestekar 4.X. Easily mount your intelligent sensors to different assets such as Motors, Pumps, Conveyors or Pipes and start the streamline.

Are you interested in NuManufacturing Bestekar 4.X and NumBox Sensor Arrays?

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