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Predictive maintenance powered by AI for your production
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A global machinery and equipment company with a market capitalization of over $100 billion has approximately 38% downtime. For this global manufacturer, quality, service and customer loyalty are among the company’s core values, which are also reflected in its manufacturing methods. By deploying NuManufacturing solution on the company’s production line, unplanned downtime has been reduced by half.

How do we make this possible?

Implementing our AI model in your production line will help you, for example, to detect and predict sensor faults or malfunctions at an early stage.

We can:

  • Reduce your unplanned downtime and thereby increase your OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency).
  • Identify possible and current points of failure and indicate faulty mechanisms to you.
  • Detect various faults at an early stage so that you can take direct measures and avoid serious failures.


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Increase System up time
New insight based on our analysis
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Yearly saving
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Eliminate Energy Waste in Production Line

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